Resources for DC Living


A few highly electrically sensitive people have had to move away from the electrical grid. Some do well with low-voltage DC electricity for lighting.


Please note that powering appliances, such as a refrigerator, is not better with DC electricity. DC motors and electronics are generally not an improvement over AC versions. In some cases it is better, in others it is worse.


Producing your own AC electricity using an inverter is not a good idea. Inverters are extremely EMF noisy in the medium frequency bands (kilohertz), and this noise is carried on the household wiring.


DC equipment is available from solar suppliers and RV camping catalogs. As these industries have mostly moved to use inverters, less 12-volt equipment is available. One has to look closely in these catalogs.


To get “clean” DC electricity, it must come from a battery or a solar panel. Clean DC does not come from a transformer plugged into an electrical outlet.


Backwoods Solar

1589 Rapid Lightning Creek Rd.

Sandpoint, ID  83864



Sells solar panels. 12-volt appliances, propane refrigerators.

Kansas Wind Power

13569 214th Road

Holton, KS  66436



Solar cookers, solar panels, propane stoves and refrigerators, 12-volt equipment, wind powered pumps.

Real Goods

13771 Highway 101

Hopland, CA  95449



Solar equipment, a few 12-volt items.








Camping World

Three Springs Road

P.O. Box 90017

Bowling Green, KY  42102



A catalog and string of large RV supply stores. Their annual master catalog contains 12-volt light fixtures and appliances. They also sell miniature propane appliances.

J.C. Whitney

761 Progress Parkway

Lasalle, IL  61301-0300



Catalog for do-it-yourself car mechanics. Offers 12-volt equipment and small appliances.