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Practical Information for Coping with
Chemical and Electrical Hypersensitivity











Do Green Building Methods Work?    PDF

Sealing Walls and Ceilings   PDF

Healthy Flooring Options     PDF

Tiling a Healthy Home or Office   PDF

Building a Concrete Foundation for a Healthy House   PDF

Healthy House Water Systems   PDF

Non-Toxic Steel Roofs   PDF

How to Wire for Low EMF – Part 1   PDF

How to Wire for Low EMF – Part 2   PDF

Heating and Cooling Options for the Environmentally Sensitive   PDF

Non-Toxic Zero-EMF Radiant Floor Heating   PDF

Working with Contractors   PDF


Choosing Drywall for a Healthy House   PDF

Metal Building Products, Benefits and Drawbacks   PDF

Gypsum Drywall Moldy When Leaving Factory   PDF



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