Snowflake MCS/EHS Community Photo Tour



The houses are placed on large lots.  Seven EI-owned houses can be seen in this picture.




Three of the residents with their modified low-radiation (low-EMF) cars.

The four rental houses for people with MCS/EHS of low income.
They were built by the State of Arizona in 2008.



This community member brought a porcelain trailer, which she then added to over time.  It now has a roof and a sun space on the south side.  There is also a new kitchen building and utility shed.



An investor built three houses, which were then sold to new community members.



The houses are built of healthy materials, such as ceramic tiles that
cover both the walls and floor of this bedroom.


A living room and kitchen, built of steel, aluminum, ceramic tiles
 and clay paint.  The furniture is also non-toxic.


There are usually people with MCS/EHS camping during the summer season.




Three community members perform a skit to celebrate victory over a developer.



The community celebrating the completion of a new home.  Most houses are custom built.



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