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Practical Information for Coping with
Chemical and Electrical Hypersensitivity











Harassment and Abuse

Workplace Harassment    PDF

Elderly Man Abused by Hospital and Nursing Home   PDF


Accommodating People with MCS at work    PDF

Airports Start to Accommodate MCS    PDF

Hospitals in Sweden Accommodate EHS    PDF

Accommodation in a Court of Justice  PDF

Improving Access to Public Spaces for People with EHS   PDF

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity in the Clinical Setting  PDF

Electronic Access to Businesses and Organizations for People with EHS  PDF


Physicians Falsely Believed Two Dozen Illnesses Were Psychological    PDF

Mobile Phone Apologists Are Hypocrites?    PDF

Talking to the Media About MCS or EHS   PDF 

MCS Under Siege   PDF
By Ann McCampbell, M.D.

Posters / Signs

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity in the Clinical Setting:
8.5 x 11 Inch Poster  (.pdf) - PDF Poster
Large Poster  (.ppt) - PowerPoint Poster

Cleaner Air Sign

Cleaner Air Symbol Fact Sheet (California Building Code)  PDF Only

Environmental Health Association of Ontario  PDF Poster

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