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MCS Stories

My Mask and I   PDF

Mail to Snowflake from Housing Seekers   PDF

To Much Fresh Air   PDF

Was Biosphere 2 an MCS Haven?   PDF

Life in a Less-Toxic Travel Trailer   PDF

Her Hair is Cut Outside   PDF

Workplace Harassment of People with MCS   PDF

Celebrating Christmas with MCS   PDF

How NOT to Buy a House   PDF

Faces of EI   PDF

Kim Palmer's Story   PDF

Fragrance Free Wedding   PDF

Effects of Formaldehyde   PDF

The New Refugees   PDF

Vacation With Fragrance   PDF

MCS in Arctic Greenland   PDF

Stories from Patients Around the Environmental Health Center in Dallas   PDF

Electrical Hypersensitivity Stories

EHS Refugee Moves to Rural Portugal    PDF

Shielding the Office Saved Her Career    PDF

Working for a Telecompany With EHS     PDF

Summer Camp for Children with EHS   PDF

People with Environmental Illnesses Help Each Other, Despite Their Disability   PDF

Elderly Man with EHS Abused by Hospital and Nursing Home   PDF

Schoolgirl Dies Because of Wi-Fi  (external link)

The Leader of WHO gets EHS   PDF

Using a Low-EMF Phone   PDF

No Electricity in the House   PDF

Allergic to Electricity in an Electronic Age  PDF Only

Our Daughter Denied Access to School   PDF

The Neighbors Turned Off Their Wireless   PDF


Snowflake MCS/EHS Community   PDF



Book Reviews

Film Reviews

Historical MCS Stories

Historical EHS Stories

Activist Stories





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