Mobile phone industry apologists enjoy
the low radiation levels they deny others


RF measurements at the offices of some of the people opposed to accepting microwave health effects reveal that their own radiation is kept quite low.


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The mobile industry continues to claim that their wireless wares are harmless, despite the mounting evidence from independent scientists.  But what do they do themselves?


Both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs kept strict limits on their childrenŐs use of mobile devices.  They have stated that publicly (see Source list).


In the book The Revenge of Analog author David Sax mentions other Silicon Valley leaders who limit their technology use and note that the area is home to the most screen-free schools in the entire country.


Do we have more hypocrisy?


Dr. Lennart Hardell finds out

Dr. Lennart Hardell is one of the worldŐs leading scientists on the health effects from mobile phones and other wireless radiation.  He is a professor at Orebro University in Sweden, where he has conducted numerous studies on this issue.


He has also become increasingly frustrated with how health officials with ties to the mobile industry keep ignoring the science — science that would affect industry profits greatly.


Most of the worldŐs politicians look to the private organization ICNIRP for guidance when setting radiation limits.  This is despite ICNIRPŐs close ties to industry, their secret finances, and their exclusive by-invitation-only membership.


Furthermore, there is a revolving door between ICNIRP and the World Health OrganizationŐs office handling EMF research and guidance.


Dr. HardellŐs article (see Sources) goes into great detail about the many conflicts of interest involved in setting the worldŐs radiation limits.


In March 2017, Dr. Hardell travelled to visit the WHOŐs office in Geneva together with four other independent experts on mobile phone radiation health effects.  Their aim was to brief WHO on the research and request that WHO includes experts that are not industry-affiliated when they write a monograph on this issue.  This was refused.


Another aim was to get WHO to take electrical sensitivity (EHS) more seriously.  It was apparently a fruitless meeting.


During Dr. HardellŐs visit to the building, he carried a recording RF meter.  Interestingly, it measured radiation levels that were below the limits suggested by the independent BioInitiative report and far below what is commonly found in public areas.


According to HardellŐs data, there was virtually no Wi-Fi radiation at all in the offices, so they must have been using corded computer networks and not wireless.


Whether by intent or not, these people who tell us that there is nothing to worry about enjoy a much lower radiation level than they say is fine for others.


Details about the measurements

Dr. Hardell carried a tiny RF meter in a bag during his visit to the WHO building on 20 Avenue Appia in Geneva, Switzerland.  The meter was an EME Spy 200 exposimeter that is intended to be carried by a person for a day or more to record radiation over time.


The meter records the radiation level every 4 seconds and stores the data for later download to a computer.  Twenty frequency bands are recorded separately in the frequency range of 88 MHz to 5,850 MHz which includes FM radio, television, cordless phones, mobile phones (3G, 4G), Wi-Fi (two bands), and more.


The measurements were done for two hours in the afternoon of March 3, 2017.  The mean radiation level was 21.5 uW/m2, while the 2012 BioInitiative reports suggest a limit of 30 uW/m2.  The ICNIRP limit is 10,000,000 uW/m2.


For the lower and upper Wi-Fi/WLAN bands (about 2.4 and 5.6 GHz), the mean readings were both 0.0 uW/m2.  This strongly suggests the offices do not use Wi-Fi.


Using the same instrument, Dr. Hardell also did extensive measurements in central Stockholm.  He found the following mean values:


Railway station

2,817 uW/m2

Stortorget square

9,054 uW/m2

Kornhamn square

12,003 uW/m2

JŠrntorget square

24,277 uW/m2

Supreme Court

404 uW/m2


1,504 uW/m2

Royal Castle

756 uW/m2


During these measurements, the meter briefly went above 100,000 uW/m2 several times.



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