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Chemical and Electrical Hypersensitivity











Moving Off-grid for Low EMF — An Overview   PDF

Low EMF Solar Systems   PDF


Small Simple Systems

How to go Off-Grid Fast and Simple   PDF

Solar Power for Vans, Trucks, Cars   PDF


More Technical Solar Articles

Living on 12 volt Solar — Part 1 (Introduction)   PDF

Living on 12 volt Solar — Part 2 (Electrical System)   PDF

Living on 12 volt Solar — Part 3 (Appliances)   PDF

Living on 12 volt Solar — Part 4 (Misc. Info)   PDF

Questions and Answers about Low-Voltage Off-Grid Living   PDF

Managing a 12 volt Solar System   PDF

How to Stop Solar Controller from Oscillating    PDF

Low EMF Solar Charge Control Using a Voltage-controlled Switch   PDF

Choosing and Using a Generator   PDF

Protecting LED Lights from Overheating   PDF


Non-Electric Living

How to Wash Clothes Without Electricity   PDF

Zero-fume Gas Stove Enclosure   PDF

Cooking Without Electricity   PDF


Case Stories

Desert Moon House: A Super-Low EMF Solar Electric System   PDF

No Electricity in the House   PDF

Life in a Less-Toxic Off-Grid Travel Trailer   PDF

Going Off-grid Safely on 48 Volt   (external link)

Disconnecting an Existing House from the Grid   PDF





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