Can a Cell Phone Be Used Safely with a Docking Station?


By Andrew Eriksen






People who are highly electrically sensitive are unable to use a cell phone and are often bothered by being near other people using them.


Most of us live just fine without cell phones, but what if we need to move so far away from the chemical and electrical pollution that there are no telephone landlines available? It would also be nice to have a cell phone available for emergencies when traveling.


The Cellsocket product from WHP Wireless seemed like a possible solution. It is a docking station for cell phones that allows a regular telephone to be hooked up to it. It can be run on 12 volts so that it could be used in a car.


The author purchased a used Cellsocket, together with a used Motorola cell phone that fit. The cost was approximately one hundred dollars. The phone was activated for one month as a pre-paid phone service with Verizon.


The Test Set-up


The Cellsocket docking station was placed on my car and powered by the car's 12 volt battery. A fifty foot telephone cord was strung from the car into the house to keep the cell phone a good distance away from the author. A simple line filter (PREO model

02ER33) was mounted on the phone cord to dampen high-frequency signals traveling

along the phone cord. Inside the house, the cord was connected to a low-EMF telephone.




The setup worked almost like a regular telephone. When the receiver is lifted off the hook, a dial tone is heard. The difference is that after pressing the number to call, one had to also press the pound key before the call is actually made. I had fully expected this to work quite well since the cell phone was approximately fifty feet away. However, I could immediately feel something was not right. I went ahead and called a friend and chatted with him for a while. I continued to feel more and more edgy and weird. I have never used a cell phone or been really close to one in use, so I don't have a true comparison to what that feels like. The only other times that I felt this way was when I experimented with an inverter and a hybrid car both very nasty EMF sources.


After a few minutes of conversation, I felt like arguing with my friend for absolutely no reason at all. Recognizing what it was a cerebral reaction, I soon ended the conversation.


I did two more experiments and determined that I was bothered by the setup even if I was not near the phone. Being near the cord was enough the cell phone or docking station obviously distributed high-frequency signals on the cord which acted like an antenna. The weak line-filter was worthless and apparently it is extremely difficult to dampen signals at these high frequencies.




I was ill for the next 24 hours, feeling very weird in my head. No further experiments were run as this was clearly not technology with any promise.


Note: The Cellsocket product has been discontinued, but may be available second hand. Other similar products may still be available, though they may not run on 12 volt , if that is a consideration.