How to Build Your Own Low-EMF Telephone




Get an older telephone, with a simple handset.



Use a small saw to cut the handset in two. Make the cut closer to the speaker than to the microphone. Take care not to damage the two electrical wires inside the handle.




Unscrew the speaker and the microphone. Try to remove the RJ11 socket, if possible.


Extend the cable going to the microphone, by inserting a new cable between the existing cable and the microphone. Six to ten feet seems good.


Take a long (3 to 10 feet) plastic tube. I use Tygon tubing, but even a garden hose may work. Cut it as shown, and fasten it to the speaker with aluminum tape, or any other tape.



Copyright Steen Hviid 2001. Copy and use this information freely.





Use the phone as usual, but hold the microphone in your hand in front of your mouth with one hand, while holding the plastic tube with the other. The Tygon tube fits nicely into the ear. Use some heavy object to press down on the top of the phone when not in use (I use parts of a brick).


The most EMF comes from the speaker, which you now can be several feet away from. The system works on the same principle as a physicians’ stethoscope, which gave me the idea.


You may have a sore ear for a while, until you get used to having it in your ear. My own discomfort lasted about 12 days.