Elettra – a film about electrical hypersensitivity



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Electra is a vigorous, young, and beautiful woman who enjoys life with her friends. But then she begins to suffer mysterious symptoms of migraines, sleep problems, and loss of balance. At a party she passes out on the floor.


She goes to a doctor who can only offer anxiety pills, an iron supplement, and suggestions to reduce stress.


She notices her headaches start when she uses a cell phone, and computers are also not good. She feels much better when she visits a forest. Laying on the ground, or immersing herself in water, is also helpful.


Her friends want to be helpful, but they don’t know what to make of this. She asks them to turn off their cell phones when they are together, but they forget.


She finds a website describing electrical hypersensitivity (EHS) and now it all makes sense.


One day on a trip to the forest she finds an old stone cabin. Her mom rents it for her to live in. A shielding canopy is placed around her bed. She stays there for months, but she does not get any better.


Finally, in desperation she rages impotently against the towers that have ruined her life. It demonstrates her total lack of power to fight the machine, and how alone she is. It does not end well.


The film is 21 minutes long and available for free download. It is an easy film to watch that does not challenge the audience more than necessary. It is free of preachy or shrill messages. There are even a few pleasantly sensual scenes.


The film is in Italian with English subtitles, but there is so little dialog that should not deter watching.


The film is clearly made to be easily digestible, so you may even get doubting family members to watch it. That seems to be the whole point of making it.


The main character is played by Lisa Granuzza Di Vita, who is a professional actor that has EHS herself. The director is Alessandro Quadretti.


The film is sponsored by the Italian EHS support group Associazione Italiana Elettrosibili.


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