Wired PLC/PLT smart meter health effect testimonials



Transmitting by sending signals along the power line is sometimes promoted as a safer alternative to wireless. The reality is that these PLC type systems create “dirty electricity” on household wiring and the power lines outside people’s houses. This greatly affects some people, while it has no effect on most.


PLC is by far the most common type of wired smart meters, while the alternatives (phone line or wired network) are rarely used.


PLC smart meters are commonly used in continental Europe, where they are often called PLT meters. In America, these meters are mostly used in the rural West. Most Americans are only aware of the wireless kind, so people having problems with a PLC meter may report it as a wireless problem.


The following testimonies are either sent to us, or obtained from various sources, when we could determine it was a PLC system.


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PLC affecting hearing aids, USA, October 15, 2014


About eight months after TWACS came to town I was at my hearing aid dealer at COSTCO where they sell a massive amount of aids. I asked the fitting person whose been there for 10 years if she’d noticed an increase in the amount of people coming in with complaints of their ears buzzing since the fall of the previous year (when TWACS + smart meters were installed). She replied that they have seen a tremendous increase of customers with that complaint in that time frame.




Idaho, USA, April 22, 2014:


After the installation of a power line communication smart meter on my home, I started experiencing ringing in the ears, bloody nose, sleeping for a couple hours and being awakened — my sleeping cycle has changed — where I can’t sleep good, solid, restful eight hours a day; dizziness at times — there are times I feel like I’m swirling around, uncoordinated and jerky movements, my nerves begin to shake at times like an onset of a seizure; concentration is interrupted, rashes like skin burns, heart palpitations. I do not get headaches but I’ve awakened with severe headaches and stiff, sore muscles radiating from the back of my head, throughout my neck and across my shoulders and backside where I have had to get medical attention as the pain was intolerable. It is difficult to be productive because the symptoms are very debilitating. At first I thought I was having real health issues. I went to the ER thinking I was having a heart attack, but they could find nothing wrong I then began to realize that my symptoms go away when I leave my house. I go to visit my daughter frequently in another town and after about a week there my symptoms disappear. At this point, I’m working on getting out of this house whether I sell it or not. It is more important to me to live a good, quality life instead of paying mortgage for an environment that keeps me from it.


I leave my house every day to get some relief from my oppressive environment.




From e-mail sent from Spain, February 2014:


My mother has MCS and EHS and recently they installed a PLC meter at her place. As you can imagine, it has been hell since then. She can barely cope and of course the electricity is down most of the time.


She’s even looking into moving to the countryside because of this, but I wanted to check other options before we come to this rather drastic solution.




Idaho, USA, November 2013:


In September 2011, a smart meter was installed on the side of our house. The consequence of this action to my life and health has been a horrifying nightmare.


About two weeks after this installation, a high-pitched buzz started in my ears and has been there constantly since. There is no relief found from it — it is incessant. Never before in my life did I have problems with buzzing in my ears. I feel like I’ve been plugged in.


Several months later, I noticed a weakness, tremor and reduced dexterity in my right hand. My right arm became slow and stiff with restricted range of motion. My right leg developed tremors and now drags when I walk. I did some research on Parkinson’s and learned the disease usually starts on one side of the body first, then eventually the other side is affected. Recently, the left side of my body is beginning to show the same symptoms. When I stand still, my whole body shakes and trembles. Smart meters are known to cause Parkinson’s disease.


I have almost no stamina or vitality, depression, profound weakness and fatigue, digestive problems, reduced mental capacity, disorientation, screaming nightmares, irritability, muscle cramps, and feel off balance. My mouth and tongue don’t function like they should. My contacts need to be cleaned three times as often as before because mucous accumulation clouds my vision. I feel like I’ve aged ten years in the past two.


Because the smart meter is on the outside wall of the bedroom a few feet from the head of the bed, I spend the whole night on the living room couch to be as far away from the wretched thing as possible. The times I tried to sleep in the bedroom, I would lie awake for hours unable to relax enough to fall asleep, or if I did doze off, I’d wake up after a couple of hours with a headache. Sometimes when I’m taking a shower, which is about five feet from the meter, I feel like I’m going to just fall over. Quite often after a shower, my face has red blotches all over it.


Smart meters cause inflammation in the body. Approximately six months ago, inflammation assaulted my feet and within a few months they became so excruciatingly painful I could barely walk. I can’t even stand to wear socks. It started on the soles of my feet as a sore, burning feeling and quickly progressed to an awful pain that felt like the bottoms had been beaten with a club and then torched. If I wanted to get from here to there, I had to walk on them — pure torture. Next, it moved up and deeper into my feet, affecting muscles, tendons and joints. One of my ankles has swollen, red, bruised areas on it. The thought of being unable to walk terrifies and depresses me beyond words. In a brief span of a few months, I went from walking with absolutely no pain to becoming almost totally crippled. I was appalled what had happened to me in such a short amount of time.


Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt made a video titled Smart Meters & EMR: The Health Crisis of Our Time. He recommends the tonic mushrooms shiitake, maitake, reishi as a treatment for electromagnetic radiation exposure. I began taking them, hoping they would help my feet. They did — almost immediately. I am also taking a lot of enzymes to control inflammation. My feet are by no means back to normal, but these two remedies have allowed me to keep walking without crippling pain.


About a year before our smart meter was put on, I had read warnings concerning the health problems associated with them in a newsletter I subscribe to. They were called “the menace spreading across America.” There is not a shred of doubt in my mind what is responsible for my devastating physical decline.


Because this information is being withheld from the public, I think about the people whose health is failing from exposure to this poisonous electricity, but they have no idea why. It is tragic.


Close to six months after the installation of our smart meter, I made the first call to the Power Company to inform them of the problems I was having and to request my analog meter back. Their emphatic and callous response was under no circumstances would my analog be returned.


When I contacted them again a couple months later to make another appeal for my analog to be brought back, it was an exact repeat of the first failed attempt. It was obvious I would get zero help from them.


My condition was getting worse and I knew it would continue to worsen and it has. To find some answers, I did research on the internet and talked to a lot of people on the phone. Everything I read and everyone I spoke with advised shielding and filters as the best solution. I put up metal shielding and plugged in outlet filters and was very discouraged and disheartened with the minimal improvement. A few months ago, I found out our power company is using a TWACS power line communication system with a wired meter. Unfortunately, in this situation, shielding and filters won’t help much.


My doctor wrote a letter expressing an analog meter should be returned to me for health reasons. In my final phone call to the power company, I told them about my physician’s recommendation and letter, but it made no impression whatsoever. I commented it was a sad state of affairs when a health professional’s confirmation means nothing. I asked the person I was speaking with if forcing these meters on everybody whether they wanted them or not was a moral way for his company to conduct business. Later on in this hostile conversation, he threatened to shut our power off.


Our power company insists the wired meters and TWACS system they are using transmit signals over the power lines for only a couple of seconds a few times a day and is completely safe compared to wireless meters. This is totally false. Every time I spoke with someone at the power company, this same deceitful information was spewed on me.


Their system uses unshielded power lines to carry data communication which they were never intended to do and turns the power lines and inside wiring of the house into antennas creating unsafe, unhealthy, dirty electricity.


They tried to lull me into submission with their assuring, persuasive lies and make me believe it was pure fantasy on my part to even consider my health problems might be connected. Ridicule and a condescending attitude were heaped on for good measure.


My home, which is supposed to be a soothing sanctuary, has been turned into an electrified, toxic environment that is almost uninhabitable for me.


After all the time, effort and money I have invested in trying to figure this out and the disappointment, despair and heartache I have endured, I am no closer to finding a solution to this unbelievable nightmare than I was when I started. The overwhelmingly depressing and enraging reality is there seems to be only two answers — disconnect entirely form the grid and find an alternate source of power — or move.


What kind of choice is that for someone with limited financial resources, a house that has been paid off, who is no longer young, and has been damaged by this technology? Both of these options seem like insurmountable hardships. Every day I am consumed with the thought “WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO TO SURVIVE THIS ONSLAUGHT?”


To the irresponsible, immoral and ruthless group in charge of enforcing this never-tested-for-safety catastrophe, we are not even real, live people, but rather just commodities to be manipulated in order to improve their bottom line, no matter what the human cost is in suffering, misery and ruin. They could not care less about our wellbeing, or, for that matter, whether we even live or die.


This woman’s smart meter uses the TWACS PLC system to communicate.




From a survey of people affected by smart meters:


The EM1000 is transmitting information along the power lines and the radiation is being fed back into our house wiring. Since the meters have been installed, I get extreme electrical fields throughout our home, throughout ceiling and power points there is 1,000 volts/metre. My tinnitus screams all night as the meters are turned ON from 11 PM and continue all through the night. I am continually restless and I can’t do anything about it. My symptoms I judged as “ten out of ten”.


The EM1000 is an electrical meter marketed by Landis+Gyr in Australia. Survey entry 112, December 2012.




Another survey comment:


My house is awash with a low-frequency noise caused by the RF broadcast over the powerlines, PLC. I first became aware of something “wrong” when I began to hear a low-frequency hum/buzzing everywhere in my house. After ruling everything else out, and given my symptoms started around the same time TWACS was implemented in my area, all my symptoms fit what happens when sensitive people are exposed to TWACS. The Utilities claim TWACS is only used briefly one or two times a day but they are LYING. I hear it 24/7 and after researching the technology, it is clear they DO use it 24/7 for load-balancing and detection of outages. The noise is very disturbing but the worst part is the severe headaches and the tingling/pins and needles in my head and shoulders. It feels like my brain is burning, it is a feeling unlike any I have had before.


TWACS is a PLC system that uses low frequencies to transmit from smart meters. Survey entry 349.




Survey comment from the United States:


Following smart meter installation (which we did not find out about until months later), a large number of symptoms appeared that we had never experienced before in our lives. Our suffering increased as days, weeks, and months passed. I suffered insomnia and rapid heartbeat while in bed. If I slept at all, I awoke to a crushing feeling in my chest gasping for air. I experienced internal shaking and vibrating throughout my whole body. My skull felt as though it was being split open on the upper left side of my head. Chronic headaches occurred, the back of my skull felt electrified, as did the back of my tongue at times. I woke with bumps on my forehead, red bumps and rashes on my face, and eventually both of my eyelids slit open horizontally. My memory became poor and I was unable to articulate well. I experienced electric shocks through my eyes, legs, and feet. Our emotions became unstable and we had to leave our home to feel normal. When we returned our symptoms returned. No relief was in sight. Our health had deteriorated rapidly so we fled to California. Making the trip, electric shocks ran through my legs while passing cell towers. I began to notice painful inflammation, unbearable tones and pressure in my ears when exposed to cell phones in use. In CA I was able to find work immediately, but I felt like I had brain damage and I was not able to express myself well. The office was filled with wireless devices and with my sensitivity to wireless, electrical and magnetic fields, I found I could not hold a job in the normal workplace any more. I do not have the ability to do meaningful or gainful work from home. Because of the mandated deployment of untested smart meters, even communicating via PLC as ours was, I have lost my home, health and ability to earn a living. This is no longer America.


Survey entry 437, January 2013.




From letter sent to TRICO Electric Cooperative in Arizona on October 9, 2012:


I am writing to request the removal of the digital AMR “turtle” meter at my residence at [address], for medical reasons. I would like to have it replaced with an analog meter. I suffer from a documented neurologic illness, Lyme disease, complicated by severe electrical hypersensitivity. It has been shown that the AMR turtle meter feeds back dirty electricity into the house through the wiring system.


I live in a home that was custom built with the intention of minimizing both chemical and electrical exposures, in order to create a supportive environment for treatment and immune recovery. Small but persistent exposures to electromagnetic fields can provoke states of severe and unlivable irritation in my nervous system, as has been happening in my home. These symptoms include disorientation, seizure, dizziness, disrupted sleep, increase in overall stress level. Over time this has depleted and compromised my digestive function as well as endocrine function. Overall quality of life is greatly affected.


The utility did not reply. When finally contacted by phone, they refused to help. The smart meter appears to use the TS2 PLC system to communicate.




YouTube video, posted September 20, 2012:


These are the side effects from using a system that touts being able to pass over transformers. The power is off at the breaker panel but the G3-PLC system keeps delivering a pulsed field around the entire perimeter. This all is happening without a smart meter but with an Elstar analog. There is no escaping this weapon.




This man has a non-PLC meter and the breakers are off, so the dirty electricity is coming into the house on the power feed.




From Swedish magazine:


In the fall of 2005 we received a colorful brochure from Vattenfall [electric utility] that we would be receiving “the meter of modern times” for our vacation cabin. We immediately notified the utility that we wanted to opt out and keep the old meter, due to being electrosensitive.


The next time we visited the cabin, we noted that the neighbor had a new meter, while ours had not been touched. To my surprise, I still got EHS symptoms, i.e. I became dizzy, had pain in my head and stomach and felt restless.


We didn’t know that PLC signals on the electrical line can travel into other households. Neither did we know that it doesn’t help to turn off the breakers, as the PLC signals travel on the neutral wire. We found that to stop the signals from entering the house, we had to hire an electrician to install a special switch that disconnects all the wires.


It wasn’t just me who couldn’t be in the cabin when the PLC was on. Neither could the mice, which used to enter the cabin when we were away, but not any more.


This is part of an article in the 2009/3 issue of Ljusglimten, a Swedish magazine for people with electrical hypersensitivity. The Swedish electrical utility eventually took the problem seriously and installed a filter on the line. This solved the problem, though the mice returned. There are many types of PLC systems, only some can be blocked by filters.




From Twin Falls County, Idaho, July 2012:


I asked Idaho Power not to install a smart meter. I told them that they may access their meter, but they are not to install a communication device upon my home. One day when I was not at home, they climbed over my fence and installed their ‘smart’ meter.


As ‘smart’ meters were being installed around me, and I didn’t have one at the time, I began to get headaches and dizziness from just their nearness. After the meter was installed, I was flat on my back for days with fatigue, constant headaches, palpitations, and feeling as if the earth and my body were vibrating. This went on for days, and I continue to have problems.


Then I began to have buzzing in the ears. This buzzing is very different from tinnitus, which I’ve had for years, and I believe it is deteriorating my hearing. I began to have problems with all wireless communication devices and even electronics. The meter has caused me to become electro hypersensitive. It has totally altered my life as to where I can go or how long I can be there until I feel sick.


I have two poodles. One of them had a change in behavior after the meter was installed. He became very distrustful of visitors, when before the meter he loved everyone who walked through the door. I think he has buzzing in his ears, too. When the buzzing changes throughout the day to higher intensities, he whimpers.


By the way, that meter which the power company told me didn’t communicate wirelessly sure does a lot of wireless communication. I purchased a high frequency analyzer and the meter is constantly putting out WiFi and cellular signals along with the power line communication.


Idaho Power uses TWACS smart meters that in this case are also capable of communicating with the household gas and water meters by wireless.




From Okanagan County, Washington state, July 2011:


Jack (not his real name) has been sensitive to wireless transmitters for well over a decade. For that reason he stays away from the cities. He and his girlfriend spend their winters in Arizona, and the summers in eastern Washington State.


In the spring of 2011, they travelled to their rented house in eastern Washington. When he arrived, he could immediately feel something had changed. It was as if a cell tower had been erected nearby, but he could not find one. It was unlikely to be the neighbors, since they lived on a large lot and he could still feel it when he drove some distance away. It seemed to be everywhere.


Jack’s girlfriend stayed in the house while Jack drove back down to Arizona.


After asking around, they found out that the local utility had swapped out all of the electrical meters over the winter. The new smart meters communicate with the utility’s computers by sending signals through the power line back to the substation. This is called power line communication (PLC) and is mostly used in rural areas. The specific system used is called TWACS.


Jack came back up to eastern Washington a month later, but he had to camp in the back yard. The pulses bother him even fifty feet (15 meters) from the house, with the power line 150 feet (50 meters) on the other side of the house.


The house is rented. The couple decided not to bother complaining to the landlord and the utility company. Even if they got the old meter back, it would not help. There is no way to stop the pulses coming from the outside. Instead, the couple moved away to an area without this menace.




From Sweden:


When they exchanged the electrical meters in our area, the utility promised to inform the residents when the new PLC system would start transmitting.


To be safe, I made sure to verify that the utility had my name on their list of people with EHS. They did, and they assured me that any problems would be taken care of if I had problems.


Then, suddenly, unexplainable and severe EHS symptoms showed up. I played detective trying to figure out what caused it, but was not successful.


The explanation came with the next electrical bill, which showed that the new PLC system was now in use. They had forgotten to notify us.


This story is translated from the Swedish magazine Ljusglimten (2009/3). The PLC smart meter was an Enerlux TLS.




The Swedish organization for people with electrical hypersensitivities, FEB, heard from a lot of their members as smart meters began to be installed in 2004-2005. They put together some quotes from letters they received:



The meter is in the attached garage. It gives me severe headaches and dizziness. There were no problems with the old meter.


Didn’t know these new meters were coming out here in the forest already now. Now I know how they feel! Terrible! This is my third home that has been destroyed.


Yours sincerely have gotten a new electrical meter. My muscles hurt and my heart is affected.


My electrical environment at home used to be very good. But my situation was radically changed when Vattenfall [utility] installed new AMR meters in our area. My condition worsened, with constant migraines, tiredness, heart arrythmia, dizziness, problems with memory and concentration, malaise and depression.


The meters were first changed for two of my neighbors. After some time I got flushed in my face. Then gradually I felt pressure in my head, tension in my teeth, a strong metallic taste (I have no amalgams left), my hands are shaking, stomach trouble, feeling poorly, etc. I am not doing well. I have never been so sick from any tower or antenna. I am now an environmental refugee.


I am living in a cabin that was built for me with shielded cables. I did very well. Then the utility company came and took away the old electrical meter and replaced it with the new kind of meter. It is located 15-20 m (45-60 ft) from our house.

I got suddenly sick, it started to burn, I sat outside at night to cool off. Even the head and the eyes were affected, blurry vision and concentration problems.

I contacted the utility, which came out and put back the old meter. I quickly felt better, but it took days to feel really good again.


Have not been able to live in my house since the new meters were installed. The symptoms are a diffuse cap on top of my head, pressure in the back of my head, besides confusion, sleeping problems, fatigue (which can last a week) and also memory problems.


The above list is dated September 23, 2005. The list includes both wireless and PLC meters, but other materials from the organization state that most of the complaints are about PLC meters. This may simply be because most meters in Sweden use PLC.


FEB was eventually able to negotiate an agreement with all major electric utilities in Sweden, so people with EHS are accommodated.




From a letter to the Swedish health authorities (Socialstyrelsen), dated September 6, 2005:


. . . who yesterday had one of the new meters installed by Vattenfall, or rather, the new meters were installed at her neighbors, while the fields from them travel on the grid to everyone using the same substation. She had asked not to have any meter installed on her own house, which was respected, but it didn’t help . . . In the past she had to move ten times before she found a house that worked for her, but last night she got very sick from the so-called spikes, transients, of 60 to 90 kHz which comes from the electronic transfer of the meter information. Of note is also that her husband, who usually is fully healthy, had a blood pressure of 190/130 and had to go to the emergency room.


. . .


[Another woman] got the new meter awhile ago, and was also sickened. She has since had the electrician Lars Röstlund install filters and an isolation transformer, which reduces the transients. It helped a lot, but it is not perfect. An isolation transformer cost 60,000 [Swedish] Kronor (about $9,000). Röstlund also put in two different filters, which each cost 7,000 [Swedish] Kronor (about $1,000).






I am an environmental refugee with electrical hypersensitivity and I was made very ill by the Turtle-transmitter, which was installed on the neighbor’s farm, about 90 meters (280 ft) away. It transmits nonstop upstream on the electrical grid.


I have heard about two other such systems, but I didn’t know anything about them.


I think a distance of 200-300 meters (600-900 ft) from the nearest power line is needed for someone who is hypersensitive. It is impossible to have electricity in the house, even when the neighbors are far away.


I have NEVER had such strong symptoms from any CELL TOWER or ANTENNA.


From a letter published in the Swedish magazine Miljömagasinet on July 8, 2005.




From letter directed to all customers of an electric cooperative in Pennsylvania. It is dated May 1, 2004:


On the morning of April 2, 2004 I experienced an extreme staggering dizziness — the morning that proved to be the beginning of our lives being turned upside down and becoming a living nightmare. A nightmare that is now being played out in nightly stays at motels, in cars or family houses far away from our warm and lovely home. What could cause such trauma, you ask? An ELECTRICAL MAGNETIC RADIATION FIELD. A man-made field which causes such illness as seizures, lightheadedness, severe dizziness, extreme ringing of the ears, sporadic disorientation, cloudiness of the eyes, ache around the heart, the “hearing” of an inaudible pulsating low hum, known as ELF (extreme low frequency) that never stops and a loss of any resistance to electric fields. In essence it attacks the central nervous system.


And all of the above illnesses are now being experienced by one or more of the seven people living in three homes set near to each other. And all three homes are being furnished electricity by [utility].


What proof do we have that these illnesses are caused by an electromagnetic radiation field, you ask? Well, I visited a doctor and began to tell him about my and my neighbors’ illnesses. But before I could get it all out, he interrupted me and told me that I was not crazy as some suspected, but that we and our neighbors were indeed caught in such a field. As a matter of fact, he was at this very time treating “a whole community” for just such electromagnetic illnesses. And the only cure for these illnesses is to get out of the field.


He also told me I must become a detective because all companies which may be implicated would deny it. And in the case I could not find the answer, he knew personally an expert in magnetic fields who would come for a price to establish where this problem originated.


So I began the detective work. After hours and days of research and conversations with government agencies, utility companies, and our State and Federal Representatives, I was led by the Department of Environmental Protection to check out the NEW LOW FREQUENCY METER CALLED THE “TURTLE”, which [utility] began to install in customer homes approximately two years ago. As a member of the [utility] Advisory Board, my husband and I were asked if we would volunteer to have one of these meters installed on our house as a TEST. It is a new kind of meter that transmits data from the customer’s house by way of a pulsating extremely low frequency carried on the high voltage electric wires. We cheerfully agreed without being given an explanation of what was meant by the TEST and when it would end.


Very shortly after taking the DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION suggestion, it became clear to us, after having the TURTLE METER shut off at the pole, that this TURTLE METER was one of the primary sources of the ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION FIELD in which we find ourselves.


We immediately called [utility] with our conclusion and asked them to exchange ours and our neighbors’ TURTLE METERS for the original previous meters. To our surprise, we were met with a vigorous RESISTANCE. However, after several heated discussions, [utility] finally agreed to remove the TURTLES (that afternoon, April 21) and if that didn’t cure the problem they might agree to move transformers.


Within three hours of exchange of the meters, the houses were free of the static electric magnetic field and a new wonderful silence prevailed on our lawns and in our houses. We and our neighbors were ecstatic and celebrated, but it was short lived. Within 5 to 6 hours of the exchange, the pulsating radiation returned. What a disappointment — again we could not stay in our home and our neighbors had to remain in their poisonous surroundings.


Shortly thereafter we concluded that the remaining source of the magnetic pulsating radiation was coming from the lines and five transformers encompassing our homes. We again contacted [utility] the first thing in the morning of April 28 and told them of our conclusion and asked them to move the two transformers directly in front of our houses, primarily as a TEST — we even insisted that we would pay for this work, but the management refused! They also denied that it could be possible that the transformers were causing the rest of the problem. We were horrified and dismayed! How could the management not do this when we had already proved that conditions improved dramatically with just the exchange of three meters? A heated discussion followed. They finally said they would take it under advisement and would call us back later. The next day they again refused to move the transformers and even said they planned to refit our homes with the TURTLE METERS THEY HAD JUST REMOVED!


We were again stunned and floored at their decisions. What could this possibly mean? It was obvious they had decided to leave us in a poisonous and hazardous environment which had already taken a huge toll on the health of our neighbors and ourselves. Of course, they assured me that they were sympathetic and cared but they stood by their decision.


There are seven people and four pets that share the three homes. Out of the seven people, seven have symptoms — five with serious illnesses as well as three pets. One man who was hale and hearty a year and a half ago now has serious dizziness which keeps him in bed many days out of the week, he is often disoriented, his balance is unsteady and his head is filled with an inaudible surging pulse which requires him to hold his hands over his ears, his heart aches and his ears ring relentlessly. He has also lost much of his hearing as has his wife. In early 2003 he and his wife had to put down their two greatly loved dogs. One a beautiful Dalmatian which had serious arthritis and the other a small mutt which had uncontrollable seizures and serious arthritis. This man was almost inconsolable over their deaths. And to make matters worse, the relative who is staying with this couple has had three grand mal seizures on the lawn last summer and two this past February. Other symptoms that have surfaced in others of us are a broken leg that refuses to heal after a year and a half, breast cancer, lightheadedness, and for me a serious breakdown of my immune system causing me to have little resistance to electric magnetic environments. Hence it has become almost impossible for me to live anywhere that has electricity or radio waves because my eyes cloud and my body fills with electricity. That is the reason I cannot enter my home or even the lawn area which is also saturated with a magnetic field — a field which I contend is radiating from the electric lines and transformers and which is created by THE TURTLE.


The lady eventually moved away from the area to escape the Turtle TS1 system. The following two letters are from other people in the general area.




From a letter in response to a newspaper ad about PLC meters causing health problems in Pennsylvania:


I read your ad in the paper. I have a son that is five and he has been having a lot of problems. He has seizure-like problems, he complains of his head hurting, and ringing in the ears. We took him to doctors and they really didn’t know what was wrong. He has had EEG done, but all came back normal. He will have episodes where he stops breathing & vomits, and he will have a dead stare, you cannot get his attention. That will last about 3-5 mins then he is really tired. They put him on medicine for seizures and migraine. He still doesn’t seem normal.




Another response to the same ad:


My dog was put to sleep because of seizures. My head rings, I get pains around my heart and could have eye flashes and cloudiness of eyes. One of my TVs blanks off and my lights dim occasionally. What is this about? None of my symptoms seem out of the ordinary until I saw your ad in Butler Eagle.



More information


For more information about PLC smart meters and other PLC systems, see:


www.eiwellspring.org/smartmeter.html and