MCS in the Arctic


The first meeting of the new MCS group in Greenland


MCS is not just a problem in heavily populated areas of the globe, but can also strike in the Arctic.


A new MCS support group for people in Greenland was created November 25, 2009 at a meeting in the capital of Nuuk.  The meeting was held at the Qorsussuaq school, spearheaded by Rikke »stergaard Olsen, Apate Sandgren and Hanne Kleinschmidt.


The new organization has already been quoted in the local media and met with politicians about limiting fragrances in public spaces.  The group intends to develop educational materials in the Greenlandic language to educate the public.


Source:  The March 2010 issue of MCSinfo, a publication of the Danish MCS organization MCS Foreningen (