Summer camp for families with electrically
sensitive children

by Sharon Ingram



Children with electrical hypersensitivities are often isolated from other children, who are tied to their electronic gadgets. A network of young people and families with sensitive children has been organized in Sweden. In 2013 they held their first non-electric summer camp, so the kids could play together in safe surroundings and the parents could discuss their common issues.



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About thirty members of the family and youth network camped by a lake in Central Sweden over four days in early August 2013. There was no cell phone reception in the area - great!


I participated with my highly electrically sensitive son, who is 18 years old. We both thought we got a lot out of this vacation and it was great to meet so many young people with EHS. This gave us a clear and tragic picture of who exactly the victims of the terrible radiation created by the cellular industry are - beautiful young people who deserve a better environment than what most of our politicians want to offer us today.


We enjoyed many discussions, pleasant meals and lots of swimming in the lake. The kids performed a fun play for us, organized by Johannes and Christina’s daughter. The children managed very well.


We lived without electricity and running water. Instead, we helped each other to carry water from the well and cook on the propane stoves.


Malin and Elisabet, organizers of the family network, held a well-organized meeting Saturday afternoon, where many important issues were discussed. Everybody was encouraged to participate and voice their ideas. In particular, we discussed how we could prepare for the tsunami of information and assistance that Elisabet expected more and more families will need.




Many thanks to Malin, Elisabet and everybody for a wonderful vacation, which also worked very well practically. I think we were about 30 people altogether, and we had a relaxed and spontaneous atmosphere. I think everyone was very pleased. We look forward to the 2014 summer camp.



The second annual summer camp took place August 2014.


This story was first published in the 2014/1 issue of Ljusglimten, a magazine produced by the Swedish organization for people with electrical hypersensitivity, of which the family and youth network is a part. It is translated with the consent of Sharon Ingram.


Pictures are copyright © 2014, Sharon Ingram.


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