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Court Bans Useless EMF Grounding/Protection System   PDF


Technical Reports

Are Portable Electronics Really Off When Off?   PDF

Do Batteries Radiate?   PDF

Radiation Test of Cordless Phones    PDF

Does In-Floor Hydronic Heating Disturb the Electromagnetic Environment?    PDF

Metal Rooms Magnify RF from Wirelss Devices Inside PDF

Dirty Electricity from Smart Meters   PDF only

Do Buckets with Saline Dampen RF?   PDF

Zero EMF Cell Phone System   PDF

Measured Radiation Levels from Wireless Smart Meters   PDF

Magnetic Fields Around Transmission Lines in Northwest Arizona   PDF Only

EMF from GFCI-Protected Outlets   PDF

Choosing Household Wiring for Low EMF   PDF

Filtering the New "Smart" Electrical Meters   PDF only


Case Stories

Military Radar Stalls Car   PDF

Reducing EMF from a Solar Electric System   PDF

Investigation of Stray Electricity    PDF

Ghosts in the Student Housing   PDF

The Two Shielded Rooms   PDF

Electric Trains Disturb Military Installation   PDF

The Shocking Swimming Pool    PDF only
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How to Build a Degausser to Remove Magnetism   PDF

How to Look up the FCC ID   PDF


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