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Also called power line carrier, broadband over power lines (BPL), power line networking (PLN), and power line telecommunication (PLT), PLC uses the existing power lines and household wiring for telecommunication. These technologies may have unintended consequences for radio reception and public health.

PLC turns wires into transmitting antennas

Power Line Communication turns electrical wires into antennas   PDF

Federal Communications Commission finds PLC exceeds radiation limit   PDF    

Measured wireless emissions from broadband PLC in Swiss city exceed guidelines   PDF

Wireless interference from PLC in Japan   PDF

BBC demonstrates PLC turns wires into antennas   PDF

PLC turns Austrian street lamps into transmitters   PDF

PLC Videos

BBC demonstrates PLC turns wires into antennas   (external link)

FCC Laboratory demonstrates PLC radiation from power lines   (external link)

Interference (radiation) from a HomePlug PLC system   (external link)

BPL/PLC disrupts disaster relief exercise in Linz, Austria   (external link)

PLC radiation from wires inside the walls. The G3-PLC comes to the house on the electrical service   (external link)

Miscellaneous PLC articles

PLC Frequencies   PDF

National Institute of Standards and Technology acknowledges that PLC signals can travel between homes   PDF


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