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Smart Meter Overview PDF

How to Be Sure Your Meter Does Not Transmit Wirelessly PDF

How to Protect Yourself Against Smart Meters    PDF

Survey of People Harmed by Smart Meters    PDF

Stealth Meters: Analog Meters wth Hidden Transmitters   PDF

Why Utilities Want Smart Meters   PDF

Rebuttal of Texas PUC Smart Meter Report   PDF

Measured Radiation from Smart Meters   PDF

Dirty Electricity from Smart Meters   PDF Only

Better Smart Meters — How to Improve on the Advanced Metering Infrastructure    PDF

Smart Meters in Sweden — Accommodating People with Electrical Sensitivity   PDF

Resisting Smart Meters

The Opposition to Smart Meters in Arizona — An Insider's Story   PDF (36 pages)

Wired PLC Utility Meter Issues

Wired PLC Smart Meters are a Privacy and Security Risk   PDF

Health Effects of Wired Electrical Meters   PDF

PLC Smart Meters Turn Wires Into Antennas   PDF

Federal Communications Commission Finds PLC Exceeds Radiation Limit   PDF    

Smart Meter — Wired or Wireless?   PDF

PLC Health Testimonials   PDF

Driven Out by PLC Smart Meter   PDF

TWACS Low-Frequency PLC Signals Problematic   PDF  

Filtering the New "Smart" Electrical Meters   PDF Only

Arizona Smart Meter Protests

Rebuttal of Arizona Dept. of Health Smart Meter Report   PDF

How Often Wireless Smart Meters Actually Transmit   PDF

Request for Disclosure of How Often PLC Smart Meters Transmit   PDF

Comments on Proposed Meter Guidelines (Nov. 2012) (external link)

Opt-Out is not undue burden on small utilities with PLC meters (external link)

Response to Utility Claim of No Health Effect and Plan to
   Charge $30/month for Opt-Out


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