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Chemical and Electrical Hypersensitivity



Convert Existing Building

Converting an Office in Texas   PDF

Dallas Conversion   PDF

Building Healthy Houses

Coyote House   PDF

So You Want to Build a House?   PDF    House Plan (.GIF)

A Cozy House in the Mountains   PDF

Safe in a Secluded Valley   PDF

  Desert Moon House

Initial Planning   PDF

Design of a Healthy House   PDF

Construction of a Healthy House   PDF

Wiring for Low EMF   PDF

Non-Toxic No-EMF Heating system  PDF

Super-Low EMF Solar Electric System   PDF

  Construction/Renovation Details

Choosing Drywall for a Healthy House   PDF

Sealing Walls and Ceilings   PDF

Tiling a Healthy Home or Office   PDF

Building a Concrete Foundation for a Healthy House   PDF

Healthy House Water Systems   PDF

Non-Toxic Steel Roofs   PDF

Heating and Cooling Options for the Environmentally Sensitive   PDF

Working with Contractors   PDF


Financing A Healthy House   PDF

Government Financing   PDF

Section 8   PDF

Miscellaneous Housing Articles

Seeking a New Place to Live   PDF

Evaluating the EMF Environment   PDF

How NOT to Buy a House   PDF


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