The EI Wellspring

Practical Information for Coping with
Chemical and Electrical Hypersensitivity


Converting an Apartment Building for MCS Renters   PDF

Building Multi-Unit MCS Housing   PDF

Managing MCS Housing   PDF


Multi-Unit Housing Projects

Environmental Housing Projects in the United States   PDF Only

Low-Cost MCS Apartments in Dallas   PDF

A Public Housing Project in Arizona   PDF

Swiss Apartment Building for People with MCS and EHS   PDF

Ten Environmental Cottages in Texas   PDF 

An MCS Oasis in Dallas   PDF

Ecology Housing in Texas   PDF

Ecology Housing Photo Tour   PDF

The Haubitsen Environmental Housing Project   PDF

EHS Refuge in France   PDF

Ecology House in California (external website)

Ricky's Drift in South Africa (external website)


For more details about safer building methods, see our Safer Housing page

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