The EI Wellspring

Practical Information for Coping with
Chemical and Electrical Hypersensitivity











MCS and EHS Are Not Nocebo Effects    PDF

Harvard University Misused MCS Research Money    PDF

Legal Shenanigans Block Tower Protest    PDF

Lessons from Big Tobacco for EI Community    PDF

Person Hurt by Wireless Road    PDF

What MCS is Called in Other Languages    PDF

How Covid-19 Pandemic Affects People with Environmental Illness    PDF

Too Much Clean Air    PDF

Survey of 1732 People with EHS    PDF

How Special Interests Manipulate Science    PDF

Zones Without Cell Towers    PDF

Physicians Falsely Believed Two Dozen Diseases Were Psychological    PDF

Airports Start to Accommodate MCS    PDF

Mobile Phone Apologists Are Hypocrites?    PDF

Metal Rooms Trap Wireless Radiation    PDF

The Arizona Law Granting Blanket Permission for 5G Transmitters    PDF

Concentrating Solar Power Plant a Health Hazard    PDF

Danish Supermarket Chain Drops Fabric Softener, Chlorine and Microban    PDF

Conflict of Interest at the World Health Organization   PDF

Vatican Radio Station Causes Cancer   PDF

AT&T Wish to Dismantle Telephone Landlines   PDF

Supreme Court of France Rules Against Cell Towers   PDF

Low-EMF Zone in Sweden   PDF

Thesis About EMF Causing Blood-Brain Barrier Leakage   PDF





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